Ego-go-ism (part one)

Author, C A Middleton

I think its time I start a new way of life.
I have nothing against any of the many, many religions out there, whether they were started by Roman Emperors, English kings, Sci Fi writers, philosophers, enlightened men and women, pathological liars, greedy manipulators or bored comedians.
As far as my new concept, Ego-go,
Is concerned the other religions can do what they want.
We will openly steal all their more humanitarian ideals and stick flexibly to them. Meaning we roll with the times and do not base any petty hatreds on the length of an orang-utan’s penis as measured by the heart strings of a goat.
We will understand extensively that causing pain (of any kind: physical, mental or abusive ridicule for ego or prestige) is not the answer to humanities growth.
All ego-go-ists are required to understand that they are human and are likely to make mistakes. With…

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