No. 34

Author, C A Middleton

The Dreamer Still Dreaming. By CpSingleton (c) 2013

I close my eyes and see
A world that is real to me.
No pain or crumbling earth
No lost unwanted birth.

No frightened, elderly folk
No school kids high on coke.
No wars or worldly greed
No children who’re in need.

Are we still dreaming, John?
Has it always just been wrong,
This world and all it’s pain,
That replays again and again?

Has apathy taken hold?
Do we shrug ’til we grow old?
Just another ship of fools,
Sailing in the reddened pools.

I stop to think.

Philosophers answer me this!

Are we any better off now?
Than if not say how!
Do we drive the cattle to the gate
Or are we far too late?

Are we ostriches with plain skin?
Are the arguments wearing thin?
Am I wasting failing breath,
As I stumble to my death?

Am I…

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