Believe in Nothing… By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

Open all three eyes to see
That a piece of wood is not a tree.
Questions multiply to set us free;
Ears, nose and mouth can be
More than erudite is to me.

Taps can turn and waters flow,
Directing godsdog away from woe.
His tail will wag and point to show
The very things we need to know,
‘Tween evanescence and our glow.

A cry of pain, a vulture’s song:
All about the world that’s wrong.
Don’t be crushed inside the throng
Find that place where you belong
With each hard step the leg is strong.

Each time we stop the turning wheel.
Gives us joy in which to feel.
No more bending knees to kneel.
Knowledge which will make us real
In this the mask will surely peel.

Believe in nothing ’til your sure.
Use that key to unlock the door.
The same one will open many more.

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