Crazy for Cash. By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

What would I do for a million quid?
Mostly anything at all as long I don’t hurt
A kid.

Well, not just a kid, that just rhymed.
Also the elderly, women, hedgehogs and
Poor people who’ve mimed.

You see it can’t be easy stood on a path.
Pretending to be in a box to make people laugh.

Any-who back to: crazy for cash.
I would NOT climb skyscrapers or
Anything too rash.

I wouldn’t be a gimp with a full rubber suit.
It’s not in my nature and
Neither’s being mute.

I don’t like to be poked or prodded with sticks,
Or dragged into dark caves by
Family of hicks.

I don’t mind singing or telling a joke,
Throwing some shapes with a group
Of old folk.

I can cook your tea and wash the dishes?
Fulfil a few of your silliest

That doesn’t include the missus! Not…

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