Haiku for Siti. By CpSingleton (c) 2014

Author, C A Middleton

Today saw the passing of Mina’s Grandma (Siti).
Very sad.
What makes it worse is the fact that Mina’s dad was banned from visiting Palestine to see his dear dying mother because heartless Israel decided that because he was visiting several times a year, to make sure she was cared for, that he was smuggling funds for terrorism.
They banned him for ten years!!
We managed, after many letters to the government, Jack Straw, The Israelis and the foreign office to get it reduced by five years.
So kind!
Because of their bloodymindedness the poor lady was shipped to hospital and died without her son getting to hug her one last time.
May their souls rot!
Here is a haiku for Siti.


Haiku for a Dear Loved by CpSingleton. (C) 2014

Yet another death.
Winter bares her cold, cold, heart.
Rest in peace, Siti!

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