And NOW it’s CHILDREN PLAYING?! #freePalestine

Author, C A Middleton


When are the leaders of this, so-called, free world going to recognise and admit that what Israel is doing is nothing more than war crimes!?
They talk of terrorists.
They spout on about Hamas hiding rockets in the targets they bomb, but when do innocent children hide rockets in their bathing suits as they play on a beach?!
Four blessed children at play were fired at and killed!!
This has to stop!!
Even the BBC can’t condone this!
Last night a hospital was warned to evacuate. A HOSPITAL!!
Now children at play are being targeted and killed!
This makes me sick to my stomach!
Israel have gone too far!
The news made little mention of the attacks on the Mount of Olives.
Where will this end?!
Voices need to be heard!
Leaders of countries such as the UK, USA, etc must stand against this!
For more of an eyewitness report…

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One thought on “And NOW it’s CHILDREN PLAYING?! #freePalestine

  1. I am not going to like those photos although it’s rare that photo brings tears to my eyes, those ones did ….. Like you, I was upset and disgusted when I saw those …. I wonder what it’s going to take to stop that bloody mess

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