No. 478

Author, C A Middleton


Another day goes by and the world watches on.
Today Israel bombed a care home for the disabled. At least two dead, so far!
They will say that Hamas are hiding a bomb factory under the beds of these unfortunate souls, but where’s the proof?!
They say they are justified. Hamas have been firing rockets at them.
It is the equivalent of a three year old child pee-shooting the roman army from up a tree!
Hamas shouldn’t fire the rockets. Of course they shouldn’t, but consider why:
The Israelis force people out of their home at gun point, so that settlers can take their vacated houses. They then stand guard with guns. They blockade water and food. They invade areas they know they shouldn’t.
If the Palestinians stand up to them they arrest and torture them.
How do I know this?
Do I get my facts…

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