No. 425

Author, C A Middleton

photo credit: unknown.

A Moment Of Reflection. By CpSingleton © 2014

The little boy’s eyes,
Wide as a Great Lake,
Took in the dogma:
The three kings,
The babe in arms,
The lambs in attendance,
The sparkling star,
The naive, hopeful love
In the world around him and
Was in awe of this story.

The young man,
Eyes black with exhaustion,
Grimaced at the scene:
The baby, dead and bloodied,
Limp in her grieving parents arms;
The clatter and spit of bullets,
Giving beat to the uncontrollable wailing;
The explosions in the night’s sky,
A fearful fireworks display;
The depravity of pride and greed;
The stench of conceit; and
Wept for the future of his kin.

photo credit: unknown

This is happening all over the world! I don’t need to name places, because I’m afraid the list is so long that I would dehydrate writing it! Children being slaughtered for…

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