No. 325

Brilliant poem to my pictures!

Author, C A Middleton

photo credit:
How lucky have I been of late to be able to try and lend some decent scribbles to such fantastic photographs from these amazing photographers. Today’s brilliantly atmospheric photo is from Amina. Make sure you go visit her blog!

cum morte omnia nunc rident homines ad risum est possumus by CpSingleton © 2014

From up high, Death watches,
Biding his terrible time.
He knows of man’s destructive needs
In war and violent crime.

The paper god’s its puppets,
The green monsters are its dogs.
Its spittle; a vile lubricant
To keep the turning of the cogs.

The eastern wind blows wild
From its cold and empty leer,
Telling those with ears and eyes
That THE time is drawing near.

Soon the arena will fill
With lions, eagles and bears
To thrash out bloody hatred and
Settle their affairs.

A menagerie of fools,
Whose egos stand too tall.

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