No. 113

Author, C A Middleton

Photograph courtesy of:
FANKS!! A wonderful, expressive picture!

Horse Chatterer. By CpSingleton (c) 2014

Picture the day’s scene,
It was less grey and more green,
With a bright-blue sky over head.
When a deep voice said “good morning!”
With absolutely no warning and
No person that could’ve said.

I looked left and then right, though
You can imagine my fright
When more words flowed out of a horse!
Yes, you heard me just fine,
I was neither high or on wine:
I’d crossed the path of a conversational horse.

It turns out he was called Grize
Which in horse meant “the wise”
A name that he lived up to quite well.
We talked non stop ’til dinner
On the merits of being thinner and
Not greedy and sweaty as hell.

He seemed to know all the words and
The names of the birds.
Also the order they pecked.

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