No. 33

Author, C A Middleton


The Worrier. By CpSingleton (c) 2013

I was climbing up the staircase
When a I heard a funny yell
Was it human or otherwise?
I couldn’t really tell.

I only heard it once before
I rushed into my room.
What blooded, evil monster
Would be there to seal my doom.

At first the sight confuddled
As there wasn’t anybody there
No monster with murderous intent
Or frightened lady fair.

Just a thin plastic case
I’d acquired from some courier.
No bodies or buckets of blood
I was indeed a worrier.

I stepped lightly on the floorboards
I didn’t wish to make a creak
“I’m here to kill the batman!’
A voice was heard to speak.

What on earth was going on?
Was my mind splintering into slivers?
Voices from the undead
Brought on the dreaded shivers.

And who on earth was Batman?
A man, but also a bat?!
My world…

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