The Moth of Rock! By Prof. Carrot-phwack Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

The moth is widely misunderstood
In relation to the light.
Scientists think it sees the moon when
Stuck in rooms at night.

But, no dear friends, that’s incorrect,
I’ll tell you now how come:
The moth is really a percussionist and
The light bulb it’s snare drum.

Listen carefully to its rhythm, it’s
Not as random as you think.
It uses the light shade as a bass and
On the light bulb plinkety-plink.

I tested it with rock music and
Found it playing along.
The dear old hairy moth does love
To play a Sabbath song.

Don’t believe me? test it out!
You’ll be in for quite a shock
Not only hairy men on motorbikes
Love the sound of rock.

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