Theia’s Loving Light. By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

Sleep sits, waiting patiently
By the open bedroom door.
I want to let him in, to stroke
My weary eyes with gentle thumbs.

I want him to whisper words of
Lullabies to swiftly close my consciousness,
I know he isn’t what he pretends to
Be, all cotton wool wadding and

Childhood dreams. He’ll wait until
Twenty minutes, when my eyes are
Twitching and my breathing is even
Then he’ll bellow like a bolshy parade

Sergeant screeching life into his
Exhausted, bleary-eyed regiment that
It’s time for them to get their lazy
Arses out of their still-cold bunks.

I need your loving light. Oh
Theia shine it into my soul and
Let me sleep more soundly than
A guilty man in a prison cell.

I see your crinkled smile warmly
Glowing every time I close my
Traitorous lids, but an elusive vision
Is no replacement for your embrace.

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