I am….

20130723-224151.jpgI am lost….

The type of lost when a
Constant feeling is suddenly
Shattered into a million pieces.

I am confused….

A type of confusion where
Nothing makes sense anymore
And awkward moments plague me.

I am broken….

For a few happy seconds I forget..
I then remember that my whole world
Has been turned upside down.

You are my home,
My soulmate,
My life.

And now….

I am numb.

One thought on “I am….

  1. Love Without You

    Love without you
    is cold and rough and hard and meaningless
    and fills my empty bones
    with sweat and injects my heart
    with an ache
    no amount of Zoloft will fix.

    Love without you
    feels like the sky has fallen into the earth
    and all the stars
    around the world have all gone out
    at once;
    I’m fumbling a strange woman’s face
    in the dark trying to
    forget (or find) yours.

    Love without you
    is every shade of gray folded in on itself
    and a never ending silence filled with empty
    moans between the sheets
    of someone else’s bed, in some place
    that I will never call home.

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