More Human. By C.p. Singleton

Author, C A Middleton

photo courtesy of Amina Abu El Hawa

Time is moulding a new
Face and mind!
His old wise fingers flicking
off redundant switches.
I want less what
Others require.

I require the barest of
Earthly needs.
I no longer want the
Shiny things
The magpie in me has
Shed his feathers.

Every day a face dies;
Drops into the soil.
With each sad passing a
New question arises.
With each goodbye I question
My own worldly worth.

I have nothing to give but
Honest words and a heart.
I have not one shiny penny
That is not marked.
I have not one shop bought
Asset worth a damn.

I have a wilful spirit who plays
Around your feet.
I have questions that need
I have hands to hold if a
Guide is what you need.

I have a smile attached to
A warm fire.
I have advice and tissues…

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