The Organ is Played by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

Wrap around the bandage
The wound is exposed
Not a deep cut, but
Not so easily closed.

A mystical attacker
With the heart being the dagger
No turning back
The legs start to stagger

There’s a venom inside
It’s travelling fast
Closing the organs
The brain will be last.

A cackling laugh
Splits silence in two
The panic is rising
What does he do?

He’s tried all his life
It’s danced out of reach
When he’s in the city
It’s on the beach.

But now it’s too late
He drops to his knees
A life full of regret is
All that he sees.

His head cracks the ground
Sounds begin to fade
No more he can do
The organ is played.

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