Merlin Awakes! (Part Sixteen) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

howdy doo! Merlin and Gheras are back! I know its been a few days, but I’ve recently moved from one end of the country to the other and it takes a bit of time. Hopefully I will be back on track from this day forth…

Chapter three.

Gheras sniggered an ancient snigger.
He had missed his old pupil over the years. Especially when he used the word shenanigans.
It wasn’t just that the word was a bouncy, silly word, it was also the way he said it.
It was Merlin’s trade mark sigh.
Whenever life became a little tedious out would come the sigh.
That never happened when in front of a crowd.
Merlin was the original show pony.
A little blast of power to stun the crowd or crown and then they were putty in his hands.
Gheras preferred to stay behind the curtain.
He had tried to teach…

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