Eden Lives! By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

photo courtesy of Minaaeh, Life Through A Lens

The seed is sown.
The land around accepting
With relief a ferocious grip.

Where once barren armies
Slouched, their tired eyes
Bleeding tears, now danced

Fertile nymphs with song
Bursting like melodic bubbles.
Waking saprophytic neighbours.

It could not be! They flutter in
Hopeful disbelief. They stretch
Their bodies long like telegraph poles.

The first shoots of life
Billow through the consensus.
The breezeless garden dances.

Ebullient words grow wings and
Flap around the tenebrous
Land, spiralling ever upwards.

The sun hears the muted
Exhalations through heavy
Curtains of death-grey clouds.

He, forces his probing rays through
The barrier that surrounds the Earth like screaming children

Watching a School-yard scrap.
He looks through and gasps.
There it is: a new life.

He reaches down and tickles
The baby-shoots gently with his Imperial, effulgent fingers tips.

A awed hush settles the garden.

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