Merlin Awakes! (Part Fourteen)

Author, C A Middleton

It wasn’t the liveliest party Merlin had ever walked into.
It didn’t help that the goers were suited and booted under a canvas which suppressed the air like a boring teacher.
It was so warm that the balloons were already wilting.
“Ladies and gentlemen, your magician has arrived!” Brenda called over the languid chatter.
Merlin fixed her with a cold glare.
“I’m sorry!” Brenda added. “Your wizard for the evening. MERLIN!”
A few people attempted to clap, but gave up out of embarrassment or heat fatigue.
All apart from a huge man with his mouth full. Although he may have been just shaking crumbs.
Merlin knew exactly what to do.
“Bee-ock pareesmal!” He boomed out.
The crowd of chatterers ceased talking to see a small cyclone appear from Merlin’s staff.
It left the the crystal and flitted from table to table, fanning the fatigued revelers into stunned life.
Silence descended…

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