You Were To Him. By C.p.Singleton (c) 2013

Author, C A Middleton

He’s not just a baby.
He’s a life.
His heart pumps.
His nerves feel.

You command his learning,
His moral intake,
His capacity for love,
His vigour for life.

One day he will fly,
His memories will fill
The dreams he screams
Awake to extinguish.

One day he will sift through
Your truths and find
The lies you crammed
Into his delicate ears.

His future self will see
What little he meant.
The broken pieces will
Fall into their dented places.

You should know this.
You passed 16+ English but
Failed in your maternal
Duties. You failed him.

He’s not just a man.
He’s a broken life.
His heart feels nothing.
His nerves pump constantly.

He doesn’t thank you
For the questions, the
Constant unanswered
Self-deprecating questions

He does thank you that
You have taught him
Not to ever be
Like you were to him.

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