The Gods Folly. By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

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Author, C A Middleton

A fierce battle is being raged
In the grey, heavy sky above.
Bombs explode dramatically,
Tearing the fabric of the air around.

Zeus and Thor furiously fight
For their ideology’s pride.
Tears of Caelus fall heavily
Into the open-mouthed mortals

Below. Mavis shudders.
The battles rages into the evening.
Rage and pride: folly
For the bored deities.

Each bolt reflected in the
Open eyes of brick and wood.
Each scream felt through
Marrow and sinew.

Are these immortal gods tiring?

Pretensions drop with realisation
That the storm is moving on
With every numbered elephant
I mutter, inbetween each

Shock of piano scraping on
Second floor wooden floor.
The flood of tears is
All the world is left with.

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