Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirteen)

Author, C A Middleton

The walk from Brimham Rocks to the crossover was a good leg stretcher for Merlin.
He passed pretty little villages with odd names like Burnt Yates and Bedlam.
He could quite easily have walked on the narrow, main road, with its neat verges and sweet aromas of summer, as there was very little traffic.
However, Merlin was used to keeping off the main thoroughfares, with its bandits and peasants.
The vibrations were ever increasing by the time he approached the high walls of Ripley Castle’s Estate.
He stood looking up at the high stone wall and winced.
The vibrations told him the crossover was a few feet beyond that wall, but after two thousand years in a prism prison, how in the names of all the sprites was he to climb that?
“Why do things have to change?” He moaned out loud.
When he was here last there were no…

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