UN?! My Arse! #FreePalestine

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Israel have moved from bombing hospitals to attacking the UN shelters that are full to bursting with refugees!
Where is their protection?
Where are the condemnations and trade freezes against Israel?
What is the point of the UN when they allow such actions?
What can we do?
We can check that the food we buy isn’t imported from Israel.
Cut their resources.
Also avoid spending in Tesco.
Every Little Helps!
My arse!
Not for the starving Palestinians!
We must make a stand!
The UN must do more than ask for peace.
How many innocent children must die or made orphans before these atrocities are stopped?!




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Calling All Humans!


Warning Graphic Content!

How can the world accept the Israelis targeting civilians in an area which is completely shut off? There are no shelters, no early warning systems, no sirens. The population is basically completely naked to the enormously strong Israeli military machine.

Israel controls land crossings, sea and airspace around Gaza, leaving most of the 1.8 million residents with nowhere to go.

In the last few hours, in the largest city, Shujayea, has been completely flattened. Homes destroyed, whole families killed. Emergency services can’t even enter the area to save people and collect the dead as the IDF are shooting and shelling anything that moves, leaving dead bodies piling up in the streets. The hospital in the area is now over capacity, the morgue full to bursting. Residents just crawling the streets trying to find somewhere safe to stay.

This has now gone way beyond any sort of humanitarian crisis and needs the world to stop this from happening. Any other place in the world, and this this would be recognised. I will never understand how people can just just sit back and let Israel “defend themselves” in such a catastrophic way. It’s only the innocent that is suffering.





And NOW it’s CHILDREN PLAYING?! #freePalestine

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When are the leaders of this, so-called, free world going to recognise and admit that what Israel is doing is nothing more than war crimes!?
They talk of terrorists.
They spout on about Hamas hiding rockets in the targets they bomb, but when do innocent children hide rockets in their bathing suits as they play on a beach?!
Four blessed children at play were fired at and killed!!
This has to stop!!
Even the BBC can’t condone this!
Last night a hospital was warned to evacuate. A HOSPITAL!!
Now children at play are being targeted and killed!
This makes me sick to my stomach!
Israel have gone too far!
The news made little mention of the attacks on the Mount of Olives.
Where will this end?!
Voices need to be heard!
Leaders of countries such as the UK, USA, etc must stand against this!
For more of an eyewitness report…

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No. 478

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Another day goes by and the world watches on.
Today Israel bombed a care home for the disabled. At least two dead, so far!
They will say that Hamas are hiding a bomb factory under the beds of these unfortunate souls, but where’s the proof?!
They say they are justified. Hamas have been firing rockets at them.
It is the equivalent of a three year old child pee-shooting the roman army from up a tree!
Hamas shouldn’t fire the rockets. Of course they shouldn’t, but consider why:
The Israelis force people out of their home at gun point, so that settlers can take their vacated houses. They then stand guard with guns. They blockade water and food. They invade areas they know they shouldn’t.
If the Palestinians stand up to them they arrest and torture them.
How do I know this?
Do I get my facts…

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Standing On The Edge Of The World

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